Do you know about the different market sectors in the construction industry? There are over a dozen that range from government, public safety, education, medical, residential, commercial, and many more. Cooper & Company has worked in a vast majority of market sectors, with a large one being the public safety sector.

The public safety sector includes fire services, emergency medical services, law enforcement, and corrections. Projects include fire stations, police precincts, corrections facilities, 911 operations centers, etc.

Cooper & Company has completed over 20 public safety projects across the state of Georgia. These projects include the Bay Creek Police Precinct and Alternate 911 Center, Gwinnett Fire Training Academy, Paulding County 911 EOC Center, and the Walton County Detention Center to name a few. Cooper & Company has won five AGCGA Build Georgia Awards on public safety projects.Cooper & Company | Walton

It’s the Cooper team that creates successful public safety projects. The executive team, project manager, and superintendents who have a heart for the public servants who protect the communities.

Cooper & Company | Bay Creek

It’s important that they create lasting work environments where public servants spend a majority of their time working, living, and playing. Cooper understands that these places need to be comfortable and well made.

Cooper & Company has familiarity with specialty equipment, FF&E, and safety measures that go in to public safety projects. Cooper has established good relationships with vendors because of the large volume of public safety projects completed. A knowledge of specific equipment is vital in public safety projects. Specialty equipment for a police station, for example, could include ballistic rated glazing and crash resistant fencing.

Coordination and communication are huge aspects of public safety projects. You are not only working with a government owner, but also multiple levels of the public safety department. A fire station project could include the county board of commissioners, multiple fire chiefs, fire department employee, architect, engineers, and more.

Cooper & Company | Paulding EOC interiorExtreme focus is needed for the minute details. Even seconds of delays could potentially cost citizens their lives. At the Paulding County 911 EOC Center teams had to seamlessly transfer 911 calls from the office to the new 911 center with zero downtime. This process happened from 1 am to 6 am to ensure the proper transfer with no dropped 911 calls.

Cooper & Company works hard to value engineer all projects but understands how important it can be wit public safety projects. Value engineering from the front end during the Construction Manager at Risk process can save money for life saving equipment, for example accordion doors, that can save 7 seconds on response time.Cooper & Company | Gwinnett Fire Station #15 interior

Public servants give their lives to support surrounding communities and Cooper & Company works tirelessly to give them the best possible home away from home.