Lake Spivey Recreation Center Pool | Jonesboro | Cooper & CompanyJonesboro, GA  — Clayton County residents have been eagerly awaiting the opening of the new Lave Spivey (District 4) Recreation Center in Jonesboro at the International Park. The new facility is located within the Lake Spivey walking trail area that surrounds the International Park and is now home to the Parks and Recreation administration.

The new facility 32,000-square-foot rec center features an indoor saltwater pool, cardio and equipped exercise area, a multipurpose room, a rock climbing wall, and an indoor café on the lower level. The new administrative offices are located on the second floor of the building.

Construction of this space included challenges with site safety to pedestrians along the newly completed walking path in addition to coordination of the building’s structural design elements. The beautiful design by Wiley Wilson integrated concrete columns, structural steel, wood beams, structural precast, and structural masonry into the 32,000 SF space.  Coordinating the numerous aspects required an acute level of detail by the Project Manager and Superintendent to complete the job.

Lake Spivey Recreation Center Cardio Equipment Room | Cooper & Company General Contractors

The new indoor pool area provided an opportunity for Cooper & Company to oversee a unique process of utilizing wood beams in a high humidity area for the county.  In order for the finished project to endure over the years, it was important to make sure that the right coatings were used on the wood.  The decorative nature of the structure looks great but the project team also wanted to ensure the moisture didn’t present challenges down the road.

Cooper & Company Director of Operations Ray Neal stated that “this project showcased our ability to communicate with multiple parties between the coordination and integration of both structural and owner provide elements like signs and equipment”.

Project Scope Includes:

  • 33,800 SF | Design – Bid – Build
  • Site Development & Improvements
  • 2 Story Structures
  • Lighting
  • HVAC
  • Mechanical Systems Work
  • Fire Systems
  • New Parking
  • New Ground Up Construction
  • Architect: Wiley Wilson
  • Owner: Clayton County Board of Commissioners