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Building Spaces Inspired By You

Cooper & Company was founded in 1967 as a full-service general contracting firm committed to serving clients in Georgia and throughout the south. Based in the metro Atlanta area, Cooper & Company has successfully completed over 600 projects in all divisions of construction that began as a vision of the project owner.

We believe a job done on time and under budget is its own reward and know that a completed project is both an accomplishment and sense of relief to all involved. Ted Cooper believed it when he started this firm in 1967, and we still believe it today. As we have transitioned in the second generation of leadership at Cooper & Company, Steve and Jim Cooper remain committed to the ideals and values set forth by their father.

And while a lot of things have changed since 1967, our approach to construction has remained constant. The four pillars that guided us in 1967 are the same four pillars that guide us today: Excellence, Integrity, Cooperation, and Safety.

Whether a contract is negotiated, construction manager at risk or bid, our project team can provide Pre-Con Estimating/Value Engineering, General Contracting, Construction Management, and Design/Build Services for your project.

Starting with the Right Framework

Our pre-construction team uses an organized collaborative approach in identifying unnecessary costs in design and construction. Our goal is to gather pertinent information and search for creative ideas, alternative design techniques or construction technology that will reduce project cost without sacrificing quality or performance requirements. When evaluating the more cost-effective alternatives — value, quality, and life expectancy are crucial components used to determine which recommendations will best meet the needs of our clients.

Value Engineering

Another source of cost savings from value engineering is the ability to take advantage of proprietary or unusual techniques and knowledge specific to our trade contractors. If the expertise or construction insights of the specialized trade contractor can be utilized, of course, the best time to employ it is before construction begins. We identify, present, and track each value engineering option and categorize each option according to the relation of cost reduction, value & quality. All of this allows us to best serve our project owners and ensure that they receive a quality project before construction ever begins.

Building Functional Spaces. Every Time.

We approach each project as a Craft Build instead of Assembly Line Construction regardless of the type of project delivery. Our experience only reiterates the extreme need for open and honest communication between all parties. The implementation of our services starts with understanding the in’s and out’s of the project prior to our first meeting and working diligently with the design team to ensure every angle, every bolt, and every possible problem is addressed prior to the project. We truly find that proper planning is the best way to prevent poor follow through and performance. We are here to help with oversite with our own subcontractors and superintendents as well as work with the owner’s vendors and subcontractors from beginning to end.

General Contracting Services | Cooper & Company General Contractors | Cumming, GA

Building with Collaboration.

Scope review meetings from the pre-construction phase through weekly meetings all the way to the closeout phase ensure the successfully of the final project. Our track record speaks for itself in completing these type of projects and providing value to not only the owner but often it’s tax base in value and service. Collaboration and cooperation are key in the implementation strategy behind our CM at Risk project skill set.

Construction Manager at Risk Services | Cooper & Company General Contractors | Cumming, GA

Cooper & Company strives for quality optimization on every project. Quality optimization starts with matching expectations about functionality with budget and scope during pre-construction and continues through construction delivery with a program of inspections, tests, and certifications. Performance is coordinated by the entire project team to complete a tailored building strategy. Processes are implemented at the beginning of the project defining goals as well as providing a continuous measurement system over time to ensure objectives are being met. Our goal is to optimize the satisfaction of the owner’s and end user’s expectations.

Building from Scratch and Inspiration.

In the Design & Engineering Phase, Cooper in collaboration with design professionals will begin with a kick-off meeting with all project stakeholders to clearly set the expectations and goals for the project, as well as to set the proper administrative procedures for the project. Particular emphasis will be placed on logistical items, such as site access and development, project phasing, as well as the usual considerations of an architectural design project, which include considerations of functionality, maintainability, durability, and aesthetics. As a secondary goal of the project, our team will strive to also design the new project in such a way as to make them as energy efficient as possible in order to reduce the long-term operating costs to the owner.

Design Build Services | Cooper & Company General Contractors | Cumming, GA

Our design and engineering team will then proceed with a detailed review of design documentation and site investigation of the future site. Preliminary recommendations will be presented for how to proceed, along with design concepts for each building.

Once directed by the client, our collaborative team will then proceed to develop design documents to appropriately address the scope of work. Design work will include consideration of a number of critical elements for the success of projects including budget, durability, and maintainability of new building materials and assemblies. Building plan drawings, roofing plans, and details, as well as the project specifications, will take into account all of these factors with a view toward providing a durable, ease of maintenance, efficiencies for reduced operational costs, and the overall healthy indoor environment for the staff and building occupants. All design documentation and cost estimates will undergo internal quality control and coordination reviews at each major Design Phase and a detailed design schedule will be made for the project that will allow proper intervals for both internal quality control reviews and for owner review of design documents by the appropriate parties.


A lot of things have changed since 1967, but our approach to construction has remained constant. The four pillars that guided us in 1967 are the same four pillars that guide us today:

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