Do you ever stop to think what is underneath the floor when walking in a building or a house? There are many hidden items under your feet starting with the concrete. Most would think that it can’t be complicated to pour concrete on to the ground, but it requires lots of planning and multiple steps.

Cooper & Company | slab-on-gradeThe concrete you seen on your floor is better known in the construction industry as slab-on-grade. Slab-on-grade or SOG, is a thin layer of concrete that is typically poured over a bed of gravel or dirt. Both layers are usually 4 or 6 inches in depth.

The concrete is sometimes reinforced with steel mesh or rebar to add strength. The steel mesh limits the possible production of cracks over time. In addition to the gravel, you will typically find a vapor barrier and termite treatment to prohibit unwanted water and bug guests from entering. It is important to have proper compaction of dirt before you place the gravel, vapor barrier, and termite treatment to possible settlement.Cooper & Company | slab-on-grade

Did you know that concrete expands and contacts? We install control joints and expansion joints to prevent cracks from appearing in unwanted locations. Control joints widen as the concrete contracts to fill in space and prevent cracking in the slab. Expansion joints accommodate the slab when it expands during higher temperatures and some weather.

A recent trend in the construction industry is to leave the exposed concrete slab to create a more industrial look. Slabs can be stained or polished to create a look you want to achieve. The Cooper & Company office even features a polished exposed slab-on-deck flooring. Explore the options of exposed concrete slab flooring for your next project. Though you only see a concrete floor, the construction industry sees all that went in to creating the slab-on-grade. The forming, placing, finishing, and curing all plays a vital role in to the completion of a sturdy and lasting slab-on-grade.

Cooper & Company | slab-on-gradeCooper & Company’s most recent slab-on-grade pour happened alongside Ely Concrete Construction for the Norcross Branch Library underground parking deck. It included 13,982 sf of 4-inch-thick slab-on-grade. On this pour the team implemented the use of welded wire mesh and termite treatment.

The parking deck is a key component of the public partnership between both the City of Norcross and Gwinnett County to generate more downtown parking for those who visit Norcross. They hope to bring a new look to Burford Highway and to generate more business for the local shops and restaurants.