With COVID-19, the world has constantly heard about PPE or Personal Protective Equipment. It has been widely talked about for medical professionals, but PPE is something that the construction industry has utilized for decades before this acronym became a buzz word.  The availability of PPE has also been affected by the virus in the construction industry.

The Personal Protective Equipment used in the medical field includes face shields, N-95/surgical masks, gloves, and an isolation gown. PPE for construction workers includes a hardhat, eye and hearing protection, bright vest, gloves, pants, boots, and a harness when working higher than six feet.

Cooper & Company | New South Construction Supply

Face masks are also used when performing certain duties in the field but has recently become a necessity more of the time. New South Construction Supply carries many forms of PPE including N-95 dust masks, face shields, safety glasses, and gloves. N-95 dust masks are important in the construction field and are OSHA required for some trades. Crystalline silica is a basic component in soil, sand, and other minerals. Crystalline silica is very hazardous and a large reason why N-95 masks are required.

Effects from the OSHA silica standard started to impact the construction industry when it was passed on September 23, 2017.

PPE stock was extremely impacted from COVID-19 making it difficult for many essential workers to get their hands on. New South Construction Supply saw a surge of orders in N-95 dust masks in March.

“Though we had a large stock our suppliers started running low and we began to run out in Mid-April”, said Account Manager Kami Rogers. Cooper & Company | N-95 Mask

New South Construction Supply has seen the trickle-down effect of COVID-19 on the construction field as resources have been moved to creating PPE for those of the medical frontlines. They also helped when the medical industry was in need by giving over 300 masks to the Lanier Forsyth Rotary Club to send to frontline workers.

Rogers hopes stock will be replenished sometime in August. New South Construction Supply has seen a surge in prices of N-95 masks and they hope prices drop to keep things down for customers as personal Protective Equipment is vital to many essential workers.


Thank you to Kami Rogers and New South Construction Supply on their insight of PPE in the construction and medical industries. Cooper & Company has been partnering with New South Construction Supply for a decade and we value our relationship and their help with COVID-19 related efforts.