Cooper is honored to have been chosen as the general contractor for Gwinnett County’s next new police precinct and alternate 911 Call Center.  The Gwinnett County Board of Commissioner’s awarded the project to Cooper & Company in June of 2018 with the anticipation of construction being able to be completed within a 14-month window.

The new Bay Creek Police facility will be located near 185 Ozora Rd. in the Loganville area, across the street from Bay Creek Park.  The new precinct will include 36 new officers in a facility which will be more than 12,000 square feet. An additional 6,200-square-foot “alternate emergency call center” will be built next door.

In a news release about the project, Commissioner Tommy Hunter stated that the alternate 911 center will be used for backup of the main facility.  “Its state-of-the-art communications equipment will duplicate the main 911 call center to ease the transition of staff to the alternate call center. This will ensure vital and potentially life-saving protection and emergency service for Gwinnett’s residents when they need it most.”

The exceptional design work by Precision Planning includes a police facility with command staff offices, an officers’ squad room, a classroom, a fitness center with locker rooms and evidence storage.

Cooper is extremely grateful for the opportunity to work in conjunction with Precision Planning once again.  President Steve Cooper said that “We deeply respect the collaboration that we have with both the design team and the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners to work on projects that help provide better services to their residents.”

Project Scope Includes: