Project Description

Stone Mountain Sky View
Stone Mountain, GA

Architect: Diedrich Architects, LLC
Owner: Stone Mountain Memorial Association

0 sf
Square Feet
0 months

This project exemplifies numerous construction and logistical techniques utilized to build a 25,000 SF Retail Center and a 20,000 SF Visitor Center on top of Stone Mountain. Cooper & Company distributed materials such as 150,000 lbs of precast, 5000 SF of granite, 10,000 SF of metal panels and two 11,000 gallon water tanks on top of an 800 foot mountain via specialized outfitted four wheel drive stake bed truck or undercarriage of an existing gondola.

One of the most innovative techniques we used involved pouring concrete at the structure. Our team member designed a plan incorporating wheelbarrows loaded with concrete and placed into a gondola. After a five minute ride to the top, wheelbarrows were unloaded and pushed to the designated area. Twelve men handled seven wheelbarrows full of concrete at twenty minute intervals pouring 1 ½ yards per hour. Throughout the process we were able to assemble components in a safe manner during park operations.

$0 – 7 Million