As the school year winds down, construction projects kick off on many K-12 campuses. School administrators usually go in to each summer with the goal of completing as many renovation and addition projects as possible to benefit the educational spaces of their students. While this hasn’t changed over the course of the last 50 years, the amount of time that construction companies have to complete this work has changed drastically.

One of the drawbacks of having a reduced summer time-frame for students isn’t the complaints that are met by thousands of students when their parents remind them school starts in early August. The drawback comes from only having on average 8 weeks to do as much as possible on job-sites so that they are secure and safe by the time the students return to school. That is why when students leave school for the summer, Cooper & Company is hard at work with additions and renovations to make the learning environments for students, teachers and staff that much better!

This summer we are currently working hard to finish the final phase at Lilburn Middle School and begin work for West Forsyth High School and the Cobb County Instructional Support Center.

Lilburn Middle School | The Final Phase

Lilburn Middle School is a total renovation to existing portions of the school that are along Lawrenceville Highway and the back of the property. They are updating interior and exterior portions of the current building. While renovations are going on Cooper is also working on the 3-story addition that is being built in connection with current building. The entire front of the school is being refaced with new brick to match the brick that was used for the new addition. The school campus was also completely repaved. Cooper is working hard to have these projects finished before school starts back in August.

Working for West Forsyth

Cooper & Company is currently working on the second project at West Forsyth High school in recent years. The Cooper team is on site to quickly move forward with the site work and grading for the campus’ new 2-story 26,000 sf classroom wing addition. The new addition will include 18 classrooms with specialty labs for the family and consumer science programs as well an additional computer lab. The project is expected to be completed in the summer of 2020.

Cobb County Collaboration

The Cobb Instructional Support Center is home to the Cobb County School District’s administration. We are adding a new 3-story state-of-the-art building for the county administration which includes improvements for the Board of Education. The new building will include offices, conference room and a new boardroom where the school board meetings will take place. We will also be making renovations to the current building that serves many of the district’s twelve-month employees.  As these renovations are taking place in an area that is frequently used for high traffic meetings during the school year — we are diligently working to get the new construction project ready to go during the next year to reduce the amount of interruption to the staff.  Our team hopes to complete the many site elements during these summer months.

Cooper and Company has always enjoyed working to serve the local school systems in our area.  Being able to improve the quality of life of our students serves both the county school systems and the learning environments.  Our company is proud to be working on many additions and renovations in surrounding counties to better the learning experience for our country’s future leaders. Learn more about Cooper & Company’s extensive K-12 experience through out portfolios.