Habersham County employees recently transitioned from the old government facility to the new facility at Jacobs Way in the Spring of 2019. The offices of Planning and Development, Human Resources, Commission/County Manager, Finance, IT, Public Works, Elections and Registration, Tax Commissioner and Tax Assessors Office are now located all under one roof.

Prior to the move, the Habersham Administrative facilities were separated into different facilities between the old Monroe Street location and the former HEMC building in Clarkesville which made it difficult to navigate for many of its citizens.

Rear Entry for Habersham County Admin Building | Cooper & Company General Contractors

Cooper began site construction of this project in December of 2017 to begin the process before the challenging winter months during the beginning of 2018.  Construction on the building started the following spring. Cooper and Company worked with architectural firm Precision Planning, Inc to oversee the site development and construction of the new facility

The new facility features 36,000 sq ft of centralized space for the non-judicial services for the county. The plans for this facility incorporated three floors of office spaces for administrative functions in addition to a mechanical mezzanine off the fourth floor.

Upon moving into the new building in late March of 2019, Officials wasted no time putting the facility to use.  Budget meetings were scheduled to take place the first Monday after move-in with the county welcome to attend.

Interior Conference Room | Habersham County Administrative Building | Cooper & Company General Contractors“We overcame challenges on this project with site issues and weather delays to try and provide the residents of the County a project that they could be proud of in the end. As a native of this county, I wanted to make sure that this building will not only serve the citizens of Habersham in a more effective manner but be a landmark for the area for future generations” shared Project Executive Chris Ritchie.

Cooper worked hard to make sure that we not only provided a great owner service to the Habersham County Board of Commissioners but that we also did our part to use local subcontractors that would pour the money earned back into the Habersham Community.  Over half of the crews on the jobsite were either based in Habersham County or had employees that call Habersham home.

“Having guys on site that feel a special bond to a project helps to make the construction process run smoother for all parties involved” stated Vice President Jim Cooper.

Project Scope Includes: