Cooper & Company, Gwinnett County, Gwinnett Police Department and Precision Planning celebrated the opening of the Bay Creek Police Precinct and Alternate 911 Center on December 3rd. Members of the community gathered for a ribbon cutting ceremony to honor the new facility.Cooper & Company | Bay Creek sign

Gwinnett County Police Chief Tom Doran started the celebration by describing the 12,500 square foot facility.

“The precinct will house 50 personnel with 15 more to be added in the coming years. This will help reduce call times and will increase visibility.”

The alternate 911 center will host 20 work stations equipped with AC and heat to help the operators focus on their jobs. 

Gwinnett County Board of Commissioner Chairman, Charlotte Nash, spoke next on what it meant to have this precinct built in the community she lives in.

“My community is in this call zone. I appreciate the extra effort that has gone in to this facility.”

Nash also expressed her excitement for the alternate 911 center and to be a part of this project. She thanked Gwinnett County voter for their continued votes and support for the SPLOST programs.

“We see the good that can come out of these programs. We will need that support for the new programs in the next few years.”

District 3 Commissioner Tommy Hunter spoke on the importance of the new facility.

“This has been one of our priorities to make sure we have a safe, healthy and comfortable community.”

“This county is a great place to raise kids, a safe place to raise kids. This brings our officers closer to the people.

Hunter finished his remarks by thanking everyone who makes up this great facility and county.

The Bay Creek Police Precinct and Alternate 911 Center is located at 185 Ozora Road, Loganville, GA 30052Cooper & Company | Bay Creek Ribbon Cutting